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Friday, April 3, 2020
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cuban Drug Heberprot-P Proves Efficiency in Hospitals of Camagüey City

Heberprot-P is a product developed by CubaCamagüey, Jul 29.- A significant recovery from their health situations and a reduction of their pains, is what diabetic patients affected by lower limb problems feel after being treated with Heberprot-P.

Doctor Fidel Rivero Fernández, who is a Second Degree Specialist in Angelology at Manuel Ascunce Domenech Provincial Hospital noted that the efficiency of this drug consists on its tissues regeneration qualities, thanks to which amputation risk drops.

Rivero Fernández, also comments that Heberprot-P is applied by injecting it directly into the lesion, using hypodermic needles to ensure the success of this procedure, which is also being practiced by practitioners at Amalia Simoni Hospital.

Heberprot-P is a product developed by the Cuban biotechnology engineering, and its usage in the eastern province of Camagüey is complemented by the injection of stem cells into the patients’ affected limbs. (Alex López Almaguer/ Radio Cadena Agramonte).