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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A School Year in Which the Cuban Five are Present

By Yamylé Fernández Rodríguez

When thousand of children, teenagers and young people -eager for knowledge- return to their classrooms this Tuesday, the children of three very special Cuban families are being deprived from the company of their fathers, the first day of classes.

We are talking about the children of René, Ramón and Antonio, three of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in U.S. jails, for safeguarding the peace of the Cuban people.

For instance, since Ivette -the youngest daughter of Olga Salanueva and René González- began the primary school; she has never had the chance of going to the school on September 1st, holding her father’s hand.

Due to the reiterated damage infringed by the U.S. Empire to the Cuban Five, Irmita, the first born child of René and Olga and graduated from the university with a degree in psychology, hasn't been able to see her beloved dad in years.

Same thing happens with Ramón’s  three daughters:  Ailí, Lizbeth and Laura haven't seen her dad, and with Tonito, Antonio Guerrero’s son. These three Cuban heroes neither have had the possibility to physically share the once-in-a-lifetime experiences of these times or be helped by them to solve a math homework.

As for Fernando and Gerardo, these two men have been deprived from being fathers. This has been the height of injustice.

In spite of these additional punishments, aside from long sentences hanging over the head of these five Cuban patriots incarcerated in United States; the Cuban Five are aware that their effort and struggle haven’t been in vain.

Today, (September 1st), thousand of children filled the educational centers in Cuba, being certain that they can run fearlessly through the hallways; that they will receive the course materials for free and that, by the end of the school year, they will treasure a valuable knowledge.

Facts like these prove that, in spite of 11 years of unjust and cruel incarceration, the Cuban Five have already defeated the U.S. Empire.