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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cuba: Economic Debates in Work Centers

By Venus Carrillo Ortega/ ACN.

The New Year will begin with profound reflection and intense work for the Cuban people with barely time to rest, as said by Cuban President Raul Castro in his recent speech before the National Assembly (Parliament).

The challenge has been placed on the table: to close the year with a 3.4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product, which was fundamental to comply with the plans of a more efficient production and services, the rational use of the resources, replace imports, increase exports and hike
productivity in a sustainable manner.

With such challenges, the Cuban Parliament approved last December the Law for the State Budget and Economic Plan for 2012, drafted in correspondence with the Guidelines of the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party on April of 2011.

The correct execution of both will depend mostly in that each citizen and group analyze the importance of an adequate planning and rationalization of the limited resources on the island.

That is why all work centers in the country will begin analyzing their economic plans during the months of January and February where the workers will carry out a profound and objective discussion of the most important issues in their entity.

Salvador Valdez Mesa, General Secretary of the Cuban Workers Confederation, CTC, stressed that the plan and budget assigned to each entity are sacred and must be complied with positive results.

In recent statements to the press, Mesa pointed out that these meetings will allow major clarity among the workers regarding the level of productivity that they must achieve and how to obtain them.

Difficult issues will be analyzed like contracts, accumulation of inventories of each firm and the unpaid invoices, deficiencies that create the conditions for illegalities and corruption.

Among the other important issues to be discussed without a doubt, will be wages that awakes everyone’s attention and above all before the need to accelerate system of payments according to the outcome of production.

With these debates, said the General Secretary of the CTC, we want to promote the participation of the workers, listen to proposals and above all, commit them to improving the national economy.

As highlighted by Cuban President Raul Castro during the closing of the recent session of the National Assembly of the People’s Power it is necessary to make the agreements approved during the Congress a reality, slowly but surely, with the integrity and gradual requirements, without any rush or improvising.