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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Sunday, September 20, 2009

Juanes in Cuba, the Success is Guaranteed

CuCu Diamantes and Yerba Buena during the  rehearsal of Peace without Border concert to be held in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Sergio Abel ReyesHundreds of thousand  Cubans are eager to enjoy Peace without Border concert to be held this Sunday at the Plaza de la Revolucion, an unprecedented cultural event led by Colombian singer Juanes.

Since he announced the concert, the issue became the daily talk among Cubans, who want to show these artists their admiration, affection and full commitment with the goals Juanes and his guests have drawn up.

So, names such as Juanes, Olga Tañón, Luis Eduardo Aute, Miguel Bose, Víctor Manuel and many other foreigners, as well as our dear Silvio Rodriguez and Amaury Perez have become a topical subject in today’s Cuba.

Everyone talk about Havana’s concert and how wonderful is to have them here, being protagonists of a noble project that embraces justice, love and respect among human beings.

The first one who arrived in Cuba was Olga Tañón, whose overwhelming sympathy was welcomed by the people in Havana who saw her walking on the streets or on television where she irradiated friendship and frank communication.

Because, as she had said: “always aim at the people’s hearts, for they are the target al human beings ought to shoot”. She also said that she wanted to come to Cuba anyway, even though she had to sing under the palm tree”.

At his arrival Juanes reiterated his vocation for love and peace: “for me being in Cuba is important, (…) so let the music bring the people together, (…) we are united because we think that peace is important”.

The giftedness, talent and charisma of the artists that will participate in Peace without Borders concert is well appreciated by the Cubans, - a cultivated audience – that acknowledges the courage of those who want to carry out such a brotherly project.

The fantastic combination between good art and solidarity – two cornerstones of our idiosyncrasy- might be the keys of success for today’s concert.

People all over the world have set their eyes on the island, they will be able to watch the concert that will be transmitted live, and the huge demonstration of an enthusiastic audience that will pack the Revolution Square in a massive gesture of love for the brotherhood among men. (AIN/Radio Cadena Agramonte)