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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brazilian Theologian Frei Betto Thanks Fidel Castro for His Struggle

Havana, Cuba, Feb 11.- Brazilian theologian Frei Betto thanked Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro for his life-long struggle on behalf of the poor, at a meeting held in the framework of 21 International Book Fair, underway in Havana.

Betto thanked Fidel “for his patience, his dialogue, his capacity to listen” and said he would pray for the life and heath of the man whose work he dubbed as “evangelical”, because “it fed the hungry, cured the ill, gave work to the unemployed, just as the Holly Scriptures ask”

In the 9-hour long meeting, held in Havana this Friday night, Betto urged the participants to assess their “social insertion” and to generate projects to fight global social injustice.

The Brazilian intellectual joked about Fidel Castro’s stamina when he called the participants to wrap up the meeting since Fidel had to “attend to three delegations, read many news and some books” and added they shouldn’t ask about the miracle (Fidel’s health recovery), since it was a
Cuban government’s “secret”

The meeting, organized by the “In Defense of Humankind” Network, convened in Havana under the motto “in favour of peace and environment”, and it is inserted among the activities of the 2012 Cuba International Book Fair to run from February 9 through the 19. (acn).