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Monday, December 10, 2018

About Camagüey / Municipalities

  • Florida


    Florida is the third largest municipality in Camagüey province with an area of 1,260 Km² -being Guaimaro and Vertientes the first two. It is also the second most populated municipality, only topped by the capital of the province. It has boundaries to the north with the municipalities of Carlos…
  • Sibanicú


    Sibanicú is located in the mid-east portion of Camagüey province and its territory covers 734,95 Km². There are over 31,000 inhabitants in Sibanicú, 58.9 % of which live in urban areas, while the other 41.1 % live in rural areas. The total population divides into 15,000 women and some 16,200 men.

  • Camagüey


    The municipality of Camaguey is located east of the central portion of the country, between 20°27’, 22°29’ of north lattitude and 78°00’, 78°10’ of west longitude. It is characterized by its orthogonality and wide tree-lined streets. This province has the most extensive flat terrain i…
  • Esmeralda


    This municipality stems from the  1976 political-administrative division of the country. This territory's extent is of some 1 224.28 Km² of land mass -ignoring keys-, which makes it one of the widest municipalities in the province, which has a population of over 29,300 inhabitants. Planting sug…
  • Guaimaro


    Guaimaro is the eastern-most municipality in Camaguey province, with an area of 1,849,6 km2, a population of over 58,000 inhabitants and a population density of 31,4 inhabitants per km2. Guaimaro has gone down in the history of Cuba as it was the place where the first session of the Constituent …
  • Minas


    The municipality of Minas stems from the 1976 political-administrative division of the country. The extent of its territory is of 1,004.82 Km², and its population of over 37,900 inhabitants. The population density reaches the 37.8 inhabitants per Km². Minas is located in northern Camaguey -a Cu…
  • Nuevitas


    Nuevitas municipality is of only 361 Km², taking up 2,5 % of the total surface area of Camaguey province. Even though the city is of little extension, the bay is a place where conditions in terms of shelter, depth and maritime trade capabilities are favourable. It is also surrounded by  industries…