From social networks, interactive online event #CamagüeyPorLaSalud

Camagüey, Nov 30 - On the eve of celebrating the Day of Latin American Medicine and with the purpose of dignifying the work of our heroes in white coats, the Provincial Directorate of Health, the ...

Florida Popular Council ratifies commitment to the continuity of the Revolution

Florida, Camagüey, Nov 29 - With the premise that Popular Power and community work mean that the people get involved in solving problems and actively participate in the transformation of the community, Integrated Community Work ...

COVID-19 rates decrease in Camagüey

Camagüey, Nov 27 - For 40 consecutive days, the territory of Camagüey decreases the incidence rate of COVID-19, according to Dr. Carlos Morán Giraldo, provincial director of Public Health during the most recent session of ...

International Scientific and Technological Convention of the University of Camagüey concludes successfully

Camagüey, Nov 27 - More than 1,200 academics participated, online, in the II International Scientific and Technological Convention of the University of Camagüey, an event that concluded with relevant contributions to science.

Alastor Camagüey Division with promising results in its business management

Camagüey, Nov 26 - In charge of providing assembly, installation, start-up, maintenance and repair services for steam boilers, solar heaters, equipment, parts and pieces for refrigeration and air conditioning, the Alastor Camagüey division expects to ...

Friends from Portugal ratify solidarity with Cuba in Camagüey

Camagüey, Nov 26 - On the fifth anniversary of Fidel Castro's physical departure and as part of solidarity and support for the Cuban social system, a score of members of the Portuguese Communist Party and ...

French tourists praise local conditions for international tourism

Camaguey, Nov 26 - With the arrival of a group of 36 clients from France, the winter season of international tourism began in Camaguey, after the reopening of borders on November 15.

Camaguey Screening procedures and vaccination against Covid-19 to be reinforced in Camaguey

Camagüey, Nov. 25 - The call to diligently cut off the autochthonous transmission of COVID-19 cases in the Sierra de Cubitas municipality, as well as to increase the rigor of screening and vaccination procedures, was ...

Camagüey calls to maintain sanitary protocols and intensify anti-vector campaign

Camagüey, Nov. 24 - With a call to intensify the anti-vector campaign and maintain compliance with the health protocols for confronting Covid 19, the Provincial Temporary Group met in Camagüey on Tuesday.

The José Martí Cultural Society in Camagüey evoques Fidel

Camagüey, Nov. 24 - On the occasion of the coming November 25 commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the death of the undefeated Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, the José Martí Cultural Society in ...

Highly effective chemical product for pests control applied in local hospital

Camagüey, Nov. 24 - The elimination of insect pests is a priority in hospital institutions in this province, such as the Eduardo Agramonte Piña pediatric hospital, where a highly effective chemical is applied experimentally.

The exercise of democracy continues in local neighborhoods

Camagüey, Nov 23.- With the purpose of developing in Cuba the third process of accountability of the delegate to his electors, thanks to the improvement of the epidemiological panorama, the 120 constituency of the Popular ...

Urban Agriculture Program in Camagüey for more productions

Camagüey, Nov 23 - With the purpose of promoting vegetable production during the current stage, in this province about 830 hectares are allocated to the Urban and Suburban Agriculture Program.

Local authorities urge greater caution on the road due to an increase in traffic accidents in Camagüey

Camagüey, Nov 23 - A slight increase in the number of incidents and injuries, and a decrease in the number of deaths, reflect the statistics of traffic accidents in Camagüey so far this year, one ...

Local workplaces receive 60th Anniversary award of the Public Administration Union

Camagüey, Nov. 22 - The Public Administration Workers' Union delivers, to labor groups already affiliated, the 60th Anniversary plaque and stamp, respectively, to commemorate the six decades of the founding of that labor structure.

International Scientific and Technological Convention of the University of Camagüey begins today

Camagüey, Nov 22 - With participants from 22 countries, the II International Scientific and Technological Convention of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz will hold a virtual session from the Santa Cecilia Convention Center.