Members of international solidarity movements with Cuba will pay tribute to Martí

Buenos Aires, Jan 28 - Members of the Argentine Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MasCuba), graduates of that Caribbean island and residents of this South American country, will pay tribute this Friday to Cuban National ...

UN to pay tribute to Holocaust victims

United Nations, Jan 27 - On this International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, the UN will hold a virtual event today to pay tribute to those who lost their ...

Defensem Cuba sends solidarity shipment from Catalonia

Madrid, Jan 27 - The Catalan solidarity platform Defensem Cuba, sent a container to the Caribbean island loaded with medical and orthopedic material from the port of Barcelona to Mariel, sources close to the group ...

Russia will take action in the absence of security responses

Moscow, Jan 26 - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today that his country will take the necessary measures if the West continues its aggressive course and does not respond constructively to the Kremlin's proposals ...

Protection of civilians under debate at the UN Security Council

United Nations, Jan 25 - The UN Security Council will today dedicate a high-level open debate to the protection of civilians in armed conflicts, with special emphasis on urban contexts.

French unions will send solidarity cargo to Cuba

Paris, Jan 25 - French unions affiliated with the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) plan to send Cuba a solidarity load of food and other essential products at the end of January, union leader Laurent ...

French association projects ambitious cooperation agenda with Cuba

Paris, Jan 24 - The Board of Directors of the Cuba Coopération France association (CubaCoop) approved an ambitious agenda to support socioeconomic development projects on the island in the period 2022-2024, its president, Víctor Fernández, ...

China denounces US atrocities against Guantanamo prisoners

Beijing, Jan 21 - China today denounced the arbitrary detentions and the abuse that the United States commits against those held in the Guantanamo prison, after demanding it apologize and compensate those mistreated there during ...

Russia and Belarus prepare to face NATO forces on their borders

Moscow, Jan 20 - The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova, said today that her country and Belarus are obliged to respond to the increase in forces on the borders of their alliance ...

State of emergency ended throughout Kazakhstan

Nursultan, Jan 19 - The state of emergency throughout the territory of Kazakhstan ended today, so the country returns to normal, the spokesman for the Kazakh presidency, Berik Uali, said the day before.

Dutch Bank blocks donations to delegation that will travel to Cuba

London, Jan 19 - The Dutch bank ING blocked donations to a delegation from the Progressive International that will travel to Havana to support the free access to vaccines against COVID-19 promoted by Cuba.

Women, peace and security under debate at the UN

United Nations, Jan 18 - The UN Security Council will today dedicate an open ministerial debate to women and peace, in a session that will place special emphasis on addressing violence against them.

Martin Luther King Day in the USA: march for the vote

Washington, Jan. 17 - The family of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. will lead today the annual march in the United States capital to honor the assassinated civil rights leader.

US without arguments on health incidents of diplomats

Washington, Jan. 14 - The United States Government admitted today that it ignores the origin of the unidentified health incidents that afflict foreign service employees, after more cases were reported in Paris and Geneva. 

Economic decrease forseen for Latin America and the Caribbean

United Nations, Jan 13 - Latin America and the Caribbean will lower its growth rate to 2.1 percent in 2022, after reaching an average of 6.2 percent last year, according to ECLAC estimates.

Reduction of tensions in the world depends on the United States, assures Russia

Moscow, Jan 12 - The president of the State Duma of Russia (Lower House of Parliament), Viacheslav Volodin, said today that the reduction of tensions in the world depends on the actions of Washington.