Cuba will always support Palestine, says Cuban Five

Havana, Cuba, May 15.- "What is happening in Palestine today is a shame for humanity," said Cuban anti-terrorist Rene Gonzalez in assuring that his country will never betray those who have always being its friends, ...

Antonio Guerrero Presents His Book on Chess (+ Photos)

Camaguey, Feb 27.- Chess was one of the reasons of joy and freedom for the Cuban Five while in prison, says Antonio Guerrero, Hero of the Republic of Cuba in his book Chess towards the ...

Oscar Lopez Rivera: Awaiting an Embrace

US President Barack Obama pardoned on Tuesday Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar Lopez Rivera after being unjustly imprisoned for over 30 years.  This news multiplied with the speed of modern times.

Case of the Cuban Five Symbolizes U.S. Hostility Against Cuba

Moscow, May 12.- The case of the Cuban counter-terrorism fighters shows the hostility of the United States against the revolution in order to destroy it, said Rene Gonzalez, one of the five Cuban Five, who ...

Argentinian Friends of Cuba Welcome Ramon Labañino

Buenos Aires, Apr 6.- The members of the Argentinian Committee for the Release of the Cuban Five welcome today here Ramon Labañino, one of the five Cubans who were held in U.S. prisons for fighting ...

Cuban Hero Gerardo Hernández Praises Solidarity of Spanish People

Madrid.- Hero of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernández has thanked the Spanish people for their support of and solidarity with the cause of the Cuban Five.

A Year of Freedom (+Photos)

A year has passed since the Cuban Five returned home and were reunited with their families and friends. Granma spoke to them about what this year has meant

Cuban Heroes Visit Birthplace of Fidel and Raúl Castro

Holguin, December 3.- Heroes of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, René González, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González visited the eastern province of Holguin, where they toured the municipality of Biran -the birthplace ...

Cuban Five in South Africa: Agenda Ends at University of Limpopo

Limpopo, South Africa, Jun 29.- A meeting at the University of Limpopo, northern South African province, was the last activity in this country of the five Cubans who were held in U.S. prisons for fighting ...

Cuba and South Africa Are Brothers in Arms, Jacob Zuma Says

Johannesburg, Jun 27.- President Jacob Zuma stated that the relation between Cuba and South Africa goes beyond merely friendship, "we are also brothers in arms".

The Cuban 5 Attend Freedom Charter Celebrations in South Africa

Johannesburg, Jun 26.- The five Cubans who were imprisoned in the USA for fighting terrorism attend today an official ceremony on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the proclamation in South Africa of the Freedom ...

The Cuban Five Visist South African Province of Gauteng

Johannesburg, Jun 25.- The five Cuban anti-terrorists will visit since today historical places of the South African province of Gauteng, after being in Cape Town, where they were received in a crowded Parliament building.

Celebrating Gerardo Hernández’ 50th Birthday at Home

Havana, June 4.- For more than a decade, Cubans and hundreds of friends all over the world have been celebrating on June 4th the birthday of Gerardo Hernández in a thousand different ways.

Cuban Five Tour Venezuelan State of Aragua

Caracas, May 8.- The internationally known as the Cuban Five now got closely acquainted with the history of the struggle for independence of Venezuela, during a tour to the state of Aragua, west of the ...

Chavez Was the Comandante of the Cuban Five Cause

Caracas, May 5.- We had the obligation to keep the promise we made him, we had to bring here the Cuban Five, because Hugo Chavez was the Comdandante of their cause, and thanks to him, ...

The Cuban Five Decorated As Illustrious Guests in Caracas

Caracas, May 4.- The Cuban Five today received the Keys to the City of Caracas from Mayor Jorge Rodriguez, which qualifies them as illustrious guests.