Cuban Company Acosta Danza continues tour of Spain

Havana, Nov. 3 - The Acosta Danza company, directed by the renowned Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, continues its journey today with the Evolución show, which will arrive in different cities in Spain in the months ...

Liuba María Hevia will defend author's song in Spain

Havana, Oct 7.- Cuban singer and songwriter Liuba María Hevia is preparing today her musical performances together with renowned artists in Spain, where she will defend the signature song that she has cultivated for more ...

Fernando González Llort supports numerous exchanges in Spain

Madrid, Sep 21.- The condemnation of the United States blockade against Cuba and the demonstrations of solidarity stood out today on the second day of Fernando González Llort's visit to Spain.

Tense and bleak panorama by volcano in La Palma

Los Llanos de Aridane, Spain, Sep 21.- The images dazzle with their reddish flashes, but almost 200 houses devoured by lava fill the island of La Palma, Canary Islands, with sadness.

Spanish MEP calls to support the Cuban people and lift the US blockade

Madrid, Sep 17.- Spanish MEP Manu Pineda said today that anyone who wants to support the Cuban people, what they have to do is fight for the blockade to be lifted.

Juan Padrónʼs work remembered in Madrid

Madrid, Jul 17.- A night to talk about Juan Padrón, with a full auditorium and the word courted by humor, so that the memory of the notable Cuban illustrator is adorned with good vibes.

Spanish parliamentarians demand an end to the US blockade against Cuba

Madrid, June 3 - An important group of Spanish parliamentarians today demands in a proposal before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House, actions by the Executive to promote the lifting of the United ...

Tribute Gala to Alicia Alonso continues in Spainsh cities

Havana, Jun 3 - The show tribute to the centenary of the Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso will continue today at the Palace of Festivals of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, in Spain.

The Alicia Alonso Centennial Gala tour of Spain begins today

Havana, May 7 - With a performance at the San Cugat Auditorium Theater, the Spanish tour of the Alicia Alonso Centennial Gala will begin today, which will run until June 6.

Baraguá in the revolutionary path of Cuba

The refusal of the Cuban hero Antonio Maceo to accept a peace without independence from Spain, in Mangos de Baraguá (1878), defines the revolutionary thought in this nation until today.

Echevarría will participate today in Madrid athletics stop

Havana, Feb 24.- Cuban long jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría and his compatriot triple Liadagmis Povea will participate today in the athletics stop that will be hosted in Madrid, Spain, at the Gallur Municipal Sports Center.

Jumper Echevarría will seek victory in Spain in current winter circuit

Havana, Feb. 20.- Camagüey long jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría will participate in the athletics parade that will host Madrid, Spain, scheduled to be held on the 24th.

Cubans score for their teams in Spanish basketball

Havana, Jan 25.- Cubans Jasiel Rivero and Javier Justiz contributed to the triumphs of their teams during matchday 21 of the Endesa Basketball League in Spain.

Cuban FM received the ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain

Havana, Oct 30.- Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, held a meeting this Thursday with Juan Fernández Trigo, ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, who is finishing his diplomatic mission in Havana.

Performance of Cuban Jasiel Rivero in Spanish Basketball League stands out

Havana, Oct 17.- Cuban Jasiel Rivero has shown a rising performance in this season of the ACB Basketball League in Spain, where his club Hereda San Pablo Burgos is located in second place in the ...

Spanish company creates mask that helps detect people with Coronavirus

A Spanish textile company has developed an innovative mask that changes its color to white if the body temperature reaches approximately 37.5 degrees and has a bacterial filtration of 98 percent, which helps detect people ...