French parliamentarians ratify rejection of the blockade against Cuba

Paris, Oct 20 - Deputies from various political forces in the French National Assembly reiterated today their rejection of the US blockade against Cuba, during a farewell meeting with the island's ambassador Elio Rodríguez.

International claim against the blockade of Cuba reaffirmed at the UN, says Foreign Minister

Havana, Oct 1 - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla said today that during the United Nations General Assembly to commemorate its 76th anniversary (UNGA 76), the continuous international demand to eliminate ...

Matanzas calls inspectors to strengthen their work

Matanzas, Aug 3 - Strengthening the work of popular inspectors in terms of greater rigor in the application of decree laws, was the call of the authorities in Matanzas during a meeting of the temporary ...

Human rights in Cuba, a priority despite the US blockade

Havana, Oct 19 - Cuba today maintains its commitment to building a more just society and respect for human rights despite the United States' blockade against the country, considered the main obstacle to its development. ...

Greece suppports Cuba and rejects blockade by the US

Embacuba Grecia Athens, Oct 7 - Local authorities, political organizations, businessmen and students today expressed their support for Cuba during a working visit to the island of Lefkada by the Cuban ambassador to Greece, Zelmys María Domínguez Cortina.

US fines travel company for violating blockade against Cuba

Washington, Oct 1 - The company Generali Global Assistance, Inc. (GGA), linked to the provision of travel services, agreed to pay more than five million dollars for allegedly violating the United States blockade against Cuba, it ...

US blockade against Cuba hinders fight against Covid-19

Havana, Sep 25 - The intensification of the United States blockade hinders Cuba's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic today, said the island's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez.

Solidarity and cooperation projects with Cuba promoted in France

Paris, Sep 18 - The Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) association today presented solidarity and collaboration projects that it promotes in favor of the island and its socio-economic development in the face of hostility from the ...

Ambassador ratifies in France Cuba's commitment to multilateralism

Paris, Sep 11 - The Cuban ambassador to France, Elio Rodríguez, reiterated here today multilateralism, solidarity, cooperation and the defense of peace as principles that guide the foreign policy of the island.

Cuba denounces US financial blockade

Havana, Sep 5 - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced today the financial blockade exercised by the United States against Cuba and third countries.

Marriott hotel chain leaves Cuba under pressure from Donald Trump

​​​​​​​Brussels, Sep 3 - The US hotel chain Marriott International today abandoned its operations in Cuba due to pressure from the Donald Trump government , reports from the sector in Europe reflect today.

The US blockade against Cuba described as murder in France

By Waldo Mendiluza

Paris, Aug 26 - The leader of the French Communist Party (PCF) Laurent Péréa today described the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba as murderous and unacceptable and ...

The US adds another measure to its hostile policy against Cuba

Havana - In keeping with its policy aimed at depriving Cuba of the resources necessary for development, the United States government this Thursday added another measure to its already intensified blockade against the island.

United States uses pandemic to intensify blockade against Cuba

Havana, Aug 6 - Director general of the United States at Cuba's Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández, affirmed today that the North American nation uses the Covid-19 pandemic to intensify the economic blockade, using it as ...

Trump in Florida: Hate for votes

There is always a moment in the U.S. election campaign when Cuba, and how Cuban Americans vote, is of political interest.

CubaCoop denounces 60 years of US blockade on Cuba

Paris, Jul 24 - The association Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) denounced today that the island has been facing US aggressions for 60 years through the blockade, without ever impeding its social successes.