Santo Domingo, Dec 2.- The United States has deported 3,293 Dominicans in 2013, more than in the last three years, according to immigration authorities.

The Dominican Republic, for its part, deported 122 non-citizens who were wanted in their respective countries for pending justice issues.

According to reports, most of the Dominicans deported from the United States had been held in prisons in New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Jersey. They were accused of crimes related to drug trafficking, murder, assault, forgery, bank fraud and theft, as well as rape and illegal weapons possession.

Frequently, deportees who prefer to remain anonymous have denounced the mistreatment they say they suffered during their detention in U.S. penitentiaries.

After being unable to fulfill the "American dream", many immigrants commit crimes aiming at surviving without gauging the consequences and they end up being victims of the very system that led to them changing their lives, some analysts affirm. (Prensa Latina)


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