Paris, Jul 24 - The association Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) denounced today that the island has been facing US aggressions for 60 years through the blockade, without ever impeding its social successes.

 The truth is that in the last six decades, successive administrations in the White House, apart from some positive measures by Barack Obama, have done everything to prevent the development of the largest of the Antilles, said the organization created in 1995, at the refer to the ill-intentioned media approach with which the situation of the Caribbean country is usually approached. 

According to CubaCoop , involved in dozens of collaborative projects on the island, Washington's hostility has not been able to prevent it from having results like those it exhibits these days in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.  "When we see what has been achieved there in health, education, culture, sports ..., one imagines that magnificent country without the war that Donald Trump severely aggravates," he stressed in his weekly publication, signed by its founding president Roger Grévoul.  He also highlighted Cuba's solidarity and its recent expression in the context of the pandemic, and the government's political will to maintain it and respond to nations that ask for help, including the aggressor: the United States. 

"Despite the lack of resources, largely due to the blockade, the island faces the pandemic and contributes its cooperation to dozens of countries," he insisted.  CubaCoop highlighted the resistance capacity of the largest of the Antilles and its people, in the midst of a complex scenario, in which the impact of the blockade and the Covid-19 are combined. (Prensa Latina)


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