United States uses pandemic to intensify blockade against Cuba

Havana, Aug 6 - Director general of the United States at Cuba's Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández, affirmed today that the North American nation uses the Covid-19 pandemic to intensify the economic blockade, using it as a political weapon against the island. In an article published in Granma newspaper, the diplomat stated that the current US strategy is to restrict the sources of income of the largest of the Antilles and to force the population into major deprivations, presenting them as deficiencies of its political and economic model.

This was recently stated by officials from the US State Department, said Fernández, who added that Washington bet the disease and the aggravation of material difficulties would be its occasional allies.

Far from dedicating the resources of the professional and scientific talent that abounds in that country, guiding them to save their population from contagion, 'the United States Government set out to punish those with far fewer resources who are successful in confronting it', he said.

To that end, they unleash a smear campaign against the medical cooperation of the Caribbean nation, threatening and blackmailing the countries that request and receive it, the diplomat explained, adding that they also discourage travelers from curbing tourism revenues.

The director of that Foreign Ministry department reported that, in the context of the elections, the White House increases the propaganda aimed at encouraging hatred, resentment and illusions of revenge among certain sectors of the Americans of Cuban origin, whose votes they are trying to capture.

For this they use million-dollar funds, he said, as well as social networks and communication laboratories, which seek to present Cuba as 'an unviable, decadent country, with widespread misery and deserving increasingly hostile actions.'

The United States commits a crime by punishing the Cuban population as a whole, with its coercive economic measures, emphasized Fernández, who reiterated that this nation does not have the right or moral authority to intend to interfere in the island's domestic affairs.

Their actions violate international law and the sovereignty of third states, by imposing restrictions on the commercial activity of companies from those countries with Cuba, the diplomat explained.

It is also an attempt against the human rights of various countries, he continued, 'by seeking to prevent, with threats and retaliation, that they seek Cuban international medical cooperation.' (Prensa Latina)


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