Havana, Sep 5 - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced today the financial blockade exercised by the United States against Cuba and third countries.

The persecution of financial transactions and banking and credit operations of #Cuba on a global scale is contrary to the UN Charter and International Law, the Foreign Minister wrote on his Twitter account.

He also subscribed that the extraterritoriality of the Washington blockade against the Caribbean island "also damages the sovereignty of other states."

This policy of encirclement has been repeated and intensified for six decades, despite the fact that the United Nations General Assembly has repeatedly spoken out for the lifting of the siege on the largest of the Antilles and the end of the hostile policy of the United States.

Cuba registers millionaires lost due to such practices, which, according toHavana, seek to suffocate the Cuban people and overthrow the revolutionary process in power since January 1959. (Text and Poto: PL)


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