Embacuba Grecia Athens, Oct 7 - Local authorities, political organizations, businessmen and students today expressed their support for Cuba during a working visit to the island of Lefkada by the Cuban ambassador to Greece, Zelmys María Domínguez Cortina.

The central themes during the meetings were the current Cuban situation, the intensification of the United States blockade in times of Covid-19 and the medical solidarity offered to countries in need by the internationalist contingent Henry Revee.

Cuban diplomats held lively dialogues with members of the Municipal Council, representatives of various political forces, directors of the cultural center, businessmen, Spanish-language students, and friends of Cuba in general, who reiterated solidarity and support for the Cuban Revolution.

They also reaffirmed the condemnation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained on the island by the United States, which they described as unfair and criminal.

They highlighted their admiration for the work of Cuban medical brigades abroad, supported the initiative to nominate Henry Revee for the Nobel Peace Prize and were interested in the epidemiological situation in Cuba, among other issues addressed, says a note on the visit.

The participants expressed their willingness to create a Greek-Cuban Friendship Association in Lefkada , similar to those existing in other cities in the country.

The disclosure of Cuba as a tourist destination was also discussed, given the distribution of several brochures in this regard, on which the interlocutors of the diplomats expressed the great interest in the Greek population to travel to that Caribbean island.

The parties confirmed the increase in 2019 in the number of national tourists to the Cuban destination and expressed their desire for this trend to continue in the post-Covid-19 stage. (Text and Photo: PL)


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