Camagüey, Dec 7.- The feature film directed by Omelio Borroto and dedicated to the historian of Havana, Eusebio Leal Spengler, arrived on the big screen in Camagüey from the Circuit for the Exhibition, Development and Research of New Media (CEDINM).

On the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the creation of the Network of Offices of the Historian and the Curator of the Heritage Cities of Cuba, the audiovisual material was released, reflecting the immensity of a man who knew first of all to be fair to his fellow men.

Loyal, unsurpassed faithful is the name of the documentary piece that returns the historian, friend, lover, son, leader and human being for 90 minutes, accompanied by 24 testimonies that give a joyful, sincere and at times heartbreaking vision of the historian of La Havana 

Javier Leal, Abel Prieto, Magda Resik, Jorge Perugorría, Viengsay Valdés, Fernando Pérez, José María Vitier, Amaury Pérez, co-workers, childhood friends and collaborators shared anecdotes, virtues, mistakes, memories of their walk through life, but also, tears at her irreparable loss.

Images of a Havana bathed by the beauty of its buildings, on which Leal's work rests today, also gave life to the documentary, thanks to the lens of Pedro Pérez Rivera, who was in charge of the photography together with the team of Latin world.

The audiovisual material that began to take shape before July 31, the day Eusebio died, has an unpublished interview of him where it is possible to enjoy the warmth and measure of a voice charged with spirituality and matter in equal portions, but at the same time, separated.

Perla Rosales Aguirre- Urreta, deputy director of the Office of the Historian of Havana, was present during the screening of the documentary film in the City of Tinajones, which will be available to the public next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 1 am: 00 pm., From the Palatine Hall of the multiplex Casablanca. (Claudia Artiles Díaz / Radio Camagüey) (Photo: José Antonio Cortiñas Friman) 


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