Matanzas, Aug 3 - Strengthening the work of popular inspectors in terms of greater rigor in the application of decree laws, was the call of the authorities in Matanzas during a meeting of the temporary working group to confront COVID-19.

Mario Sabines Lorenzo, governor of Matanzas, said that the province needs a more precise and intensive action by the inspectors in order to counteract illegalities in terms of price violations, a phenmenon that threatens the well-being of the population.

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In the midst of the fight against the coronavirus, price monitoring cannot be ignored, those in charge of ensuring this process have an evaluation system that allows the analysis of their work and for which they are required, those who do not comply with the indicators will be analyzed.

Sabines Lorenzo commented that the fight against illegalities is a task that everyone demands, it is necessary to be more proactive, in the first instance make appeals to offenders and apply fines properly as established.

Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in the province, said that you cannot lower your guard in any of the processes that the territory undertakes, and within them the confrontation with those who apply speculative prices is a priority.

Izquierdo Alonso emphasized that in relation to the battle against the so-called invisible enemy, he highlights the need for differentiated work in health areas, supervision of isolation centers and care for suspicious and positive patients as key fronts to control COVID-19.

Ailuj Casanova Barreto, provincial director of Public Health, pointed out that Matanzas maintains a downward trend in positive cases of COVID-19, however municipalities such as Jagüey Grande, Calimete and Los Arabos reflect high incidence rates, it is vital to strengthen biosafety protocols in these places in order to continue towards a more favorable epidemiological scenario. (ACN)


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