The eruption of the underwater volcano Fukutoku-Okanoba in Japan, which is currently ongoing, formed an island about a kilometer in diameter, the country's Coast Guard reported.   

On the morning of August 13, the eruption of the volcano located in the Ogasawara Islands was confirmed, 11 years after the last event, which occurred in 2010. Previously, similar formations of small islands had already been recorded, which finally sank into the ocean.   

One of the ephemeral islands, called Shin-Iwo-jima, was the first recorded formation of this type, after the 1904 eruption. Meanwhile, the most recent island appeared in 1986, but two months later it was submerged by the erosion cused by the waves. 

Japan's Coast Guard has issued several ongoing eruption warnings in the waters surrounding the area, and has urged sailing ships and aircraft flying nearby for caution. (Text and photo: RT)      


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