The Antonio Guiteras sugar factory assumes repairs without new investments

Las Tunas, Sep - The central Antonio Guiteras, from Las Tunas , Cuba's largest sugar producer, has the challenge of getting ahead in repairing its machinery, for which the group is immersed in its work and only The absence of essential resources can slow down the enlistment of this colossus in a timely manner. 

Mauricio Saavedra, coordinator of the sugar harvest, which includes sugarcane industry and agriculture in the municipality of Puerto Padre, told the Cuban News Agency that work is being done on most fronts of the mill, with the exception of those that depend on oxygen, acetylene and electrodes, absent at this time to channel the work.

As for oxygen - Saavedra added - we hope that the most important plant in Cuba, in Havana, will resume its production in the next few days after suffering breakdowns, although of course the answer cannot be immediately due to priority to manufacture medicinal oxygen for patients affected by COVID 19 . 

During the repairs we have to face the biggest problems we had in the previous war, with the mills and bagasse conductors, and everything will depend on engineers, innovators and workers to find a solution to this area of ​​the plant, because there are no resources for its repair explained the manager.

He expressed that in the colossus there is a workforce of more than 900 workers, but since all are not necessary in the current stage of repairs, some are enjoying vacations and others linked to agricultural tasks.

The harvest coordinator in Puerto Padre said that if all goes well, Antonio Guiteras will begin milling in the last ten of the coming month of December, with the purpose of beginning to pay off the debts with the manufacture of sugar, unfulfilled in the last six campaigns.

In the 2020-2021 harvest, this colossus produced 56 thousand 869 tons for 72 percent of what was planned, and even so it was the largest sugar producer in Cuba.

The Antonio Guiteras maintains the merit of achieveing the highest production rates in the history of harvests on the island and holds the harvest record, with 218 tons produced in 1982. (ACN)


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