By Lilian Conde Blanco / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

These are times when sanity and responsibility must be linked to each individual's perception of risk, just when we are going through the worst moment of COVID-19 in Camagüey.

Reality indicates the need to seek new ways to act differently and consequently, in the face of such a challenge, increased by the high rates of infections that are reported daily, the epidemiological situation demands responsibility, organization, resistance and courage.

These are difficult times and with a great burden of concern on the part of the country's leadership, the authorities of all the provinces and municipalities.

Cuba is leading a battle against Covid from each community, in health centers and isolation centers, and the intensity of the transmission of the dangerous virus does not allow mistakes or slow responses, aspects that are sometimes the same causing the slow identification of positive cases and their contacts.

Given the current situation, we must all manage to stop the transmission, for which the daily investigation with the proper quality and the work of the family doctor and nurse with the support of community factors is important.

COVID-19 is not a play on words, the new coronavirus and its Delta variant already accumulate a notable impact on the Cuban population and we can only cut its spread if we all provide solutions and stay at home is complied with, especially of children and the elderly, with physical-social distancing, hand washing and permanent and adequate use of the mask.

It is also important to discipline the lifestyle, because that necessary distancing in the queues is still violated, people walk on public roads without a face mask or with the wrong mask on, and worse still, children are seen playing without proper protection.

Confronting the new coronavirus is everyone's duty, it's a matter of life. 


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