Sancti Spíritus, Oct 1 - Despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19 and the prohibitions of the United States blockade against Cuba, exports of agricultural products in the province of Sancti Spíritus are making their way this year.

During the first nine months of 2021, income from shipments abroad exceeded 18 million 159 thousand 400 pesos in freely convertible currency, with tobacco being the one that contributed the most with about 13 million 600 thousand pesos, although honey from bees also stood out. charcoal and hot pepper.

Leonel Valdivia Hernández, head of the Marketing Section of the Ministry of Agriculture in the territory, told the ACN that income of more than 1,675,400 pesos has also been obtained through sales in the Mariel Development Zone, collection stores of currency of the CIMEX, TRD Caribe and Caracol corporations, and online sales.

A large part of the amount acquired has been used to give continuity to the productive processes of the 17 companies that have exported in the territory at this stage, added the manager.

Valdivia Hernández gave examples of the use of these funds: the purchase of fertilizers among other chemical products, parts and parts for transport equipment and agricultural machinery, containers for charcoal, as well as inputs for the mini-industries.

Xiomara Quesada Ramos, specialist in the Delivery Point of Products of the Agoindustrial Company of Granos Sur de El Jíbaro, which are acquired through purchases abroad, said that the demand is very high, so much so, he stressed, that We have a monthly allocation of 60 tons of rice, which are distributed per week, but if we sold them every day they would be exhausted in less than a week.

At that point, other products are marketed, including beef and pork, rice head for animal feed, guava jam and charcoal.

Valdivia Hernández affirmed that in parallel to these types of sales, the commercialization network of agricultural products within the province has been reorganized, as part of the measures established by the central government to boost the agricultural system, and in correspondence with it the demarcation Espirituana has 615 points of sale, in addition 45 markets have been leased; all with the purpose of contributing to the increase of food to the population. (ACN)


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