Camagüey, Oct 8.- The significant increase in local cases of COVID-19 in the last report was the focus of the analysis made by the Covid-19 Task Force on Thursday.

The provincial director of Public Health, Dr. Carlos Morán Giraldo, explained that 689 positive cases were identified, which has already accumulated 59,406 so far this year and continues to mark the main municipality as the one with the highest incidence in this regard.

Similarly, there are 1,919 patients with symptoms suggestive of the disease, 101 more than the previous day, four pregnant women and four active events, three in the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and one in Nuevitas.

Among the demarcations with a more compromised epidemiological scenario are Camagüey, Santa Cruz del Sur, Minas, Jimaguayú, Najasa and Guáimaro, the latter with an accelerated upward trend.  

Until the closing of this information, 88.3 percent of patients allergic to thimerosal had been vaccinated and more than 12,400 COVID-19 convalescent patients, which represents 98.9 percent of that population universe.

Dr. Iluminada Menéndez Placeres, director of Public Health in the provincial capital, reported that the areas with the highest incidence in the previous day were Previsora, América Latina and Vigía - Flora and the popular councils that remain with the highest infestation index are Agramonte -Simoni, America Latina, San Juan de Dios and Garrido-Caridad.

Full compliance with the investigation, greater control of home admissions and the transfer of confirmed cases to hospital centers remain pending tasks at this stage.

The meeting also pointed out the reestablishment of water pumping to the city of Camagüey by the three pumping stations, thanks to the collaboration of various organizations that carried out the planned activities in the shortest possible time. (Text: Dayessi García Sosa / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Pedro Alexander Cruz Moiset / Radio Cadena Agramonte) 


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