Why does Cuba have to give up being a dignified and sovereign country? The largest of the Antilles faces destabilizing attempts, those that, under the ordinances of Yankee imperialism, wish to provoke a social outbreak on the island against the Cuban Revolution.

We live in times where unconventional wars, those that devoid of armed movements find their best allies in fakenews and defamatory campaigns.

The Cuban counterrevolution is manufactured from abroad, specifically from the United States of America and the White House, by means of financing it moves many stateless small groups out and in Cuba.

The Latin American Prensa Latina Agency published information on May 31 of this calendar, which reflected that the United States Government requested 20 million dollars for “democracy programs” directed to Cuba within its 2022 budget.

In the mentioned body of the news there was another budget request, which included 94 thousand 43 million dollars for the Office of Transition Initiatives of the International Agency for Development (USAID, acronym in English) and other entities, linked to programs of subversion against the largest of the Antilles.

Therefore, in the midst of a genocidal imperialist blockade and in the face of the incidence of COVID-19, the grateful people of this fierce archipelago have been able to deal closely with the inoperative and already known manual of "soft coup", put into practice and with effective results unfortunately in other neighboring nations.

The well-known Cuban journalist Raúl Antonio Capote in his article Soft blow: United States strategy to change systems, published in the Granma newspaper on December 1, 2020, asserts that “color revolutions, soft blows or soft blows are, in reality , a mechanism of indirect foreign intervention, created by the CIA in order, in the new geopolitical conditions of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, to apply, with the least amount of losses possible, the old policy of changing the social system in those countries , which have some strategic objective for the United States.     

As stated above, not even water is clearer, as the Cuban says. In the absence of missiles and bombs, subversion, the construction of fallacies, and unhealthy misinformation take center stage in the theater of operations of the human psyche, thus finding a nourishing ground for the deployment of a brutal media onslaught.              

The recent requests of the counterrevolution to demonstrate in the streets of the revolutionaries, in supposed respect for the constitutional precepts, and taking the Magna Carta as a pedestal to play against the annexationist, pro-imperialist and regime change interests, do not They found support in the upper management of the largest of the Antilles and in the Fidelista and Marxist-Leninist people.    

There is no doubt that the mercenary condition of the vendors is condemned by mother history, and we have more than enough reasons to disqualify the illegitimate and unconstitutional aspiration of the so-called "opponents", since their stratagems are built from abroad, under the premise that "he who pays, commands."   

The Cuban Revolution unfolds in the midst of complex conditions, due to the inalienable vocation for independence and its socialist development program, in open contradiction with the policy of the genocidal Yankee imperialism, which allows us to envision a difficult and challenging scenario that demands today more than ever. a strengthening of popular unity.

The die is cast, enlightened in the essential legacy of Fidel and Raúl, and under the accurate guidance of Miguel Díaz Canel, the grateful Cubans will live, resist and win. (Photo: File) (Jorge Enrique Fuentes Ruiz / Radio Cadena Agramonte)                 


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