The Valbo industry, a proof of business strengthening in Guantánamo

Guantanamo, Nov. 1 - Tangible results in the implementation of the measures approved by the Council of Ministers to empower the state business sector, are evidenced in the Guantanamo Company of Industrial Valves and Pumps Mayor General Carlos Roloff, reflects today the digital site from the weekly publication Venceremos.

Amadel Reyes López, director of the entity, commercially known as Valbo, stressed to that body that after studying the important document, with the entire group, the urgent decisions were consulted with the Ministry of Industries to gradually advance towards the recovery of productive capacities.

He clarified that the decision was adopted in the most difficult stage of the confrontation with COVID-19 and with restrictions of various kinds, due to the intensification of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States more than six decades ago.

The chain with other entities of the iron and steel branch and the Ministry of Industries, provided raw material to revive production in that large foundry, which employs more than 200 workers distributed in four Base Business Units (UEB).

Reyes López specified that the new links, vital for the gradual increase in the capacities of the industry, were also established with the companies of Recovery of Raw Materials and Agricultural Supply, both from Guantánamo, and with Aceros Inoxidables (Acinox) from Las Tunas, Thanks to which 40 thousand hoes have already been delivered, a highly sought-after agricultural implement.

The recovery of the three-inch valve line and its flanges is an effect of collaboration and exchange with the UEB de Bombas Industriales, in Camagüey, he added.

The manager predicted that before the end of 2021 the manufacture of two- and four-inch spikes, picks and valves will be incorporated into Valbo's daily work, and a decisive alliance with the UEB Cubana del Bronce will materialize.

This entity will provide "Major General Carlos Roloff" with inputs to increase the contribution of the aforementioned lines, decisive for construction, agriculture and the hydraulic branch. (ACN)


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