Effectiveness of Cuban drug Nimotuzumab highlighted in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Nov. 8 - Dominican media highlighted the effectiveness and safety of the Cuban drug Nimotuzumab, used in patients in serious and moderate condition with COVID-19. 

The newspapers El Día and Diario de Salud, along with other digital media, reproduced the news from Prensa Latina with the statements of Tania Crombet, director of Clinical Research at the Molecular Immunology Center.

The scientist explained how studies with the monoclonal antibody CIMAher® revealed an improvement in ventilatory function and a reduction in the concentration of interleukin 6 in patients with COVID-19.

Likewise, he specified that interleukin 6 is one of the main cytokines that cause the hyperinflammatory state that those infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus can present.

Finally, Crombet revealed that there was a radiological improvement or stabilization of multifocal interstitial pneumonia in 80 percent of the patients on the seventh day after receiving the first dose.

Nimotuzumab obtained its health registration in 2002 for the treatment of advanced head and neck tumors, as it was shown to block or inhibit epidermal growth factor, a highly validated target in oncology.

And it is registered in 24 countries with special sale permission in 15 territories in Europe and other nations. (PL)


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