Dialogues of truth and commitment towards Cali 2021

Havana, Nov. 10 - Frank, direct and cheerful, like almost all young people of these times, the members of the athletics and archery teams that will soon defend the colors of Cuba in the I Junior Pan American Games of Cali 2021.

Dialogues in Revolution was the name of the meeting and that is what the afternoon at the Pan-American Stadium, east of the capital, became ... A revolution of ideas shared from different points of view, but all with a clear objective: to defend the motto that will accompany the young delegation.

Surrender and enjoyment, a shared dream, more than a motto is the maxim with which everyone will arrive on Colombian soil. There the future of Cuban sport will be shown, since several of those who are now going to multisport games for the first time could be the Olympic champions of Paris 2024 or Los Angeles 2028.

The president of Inder, Osvaldo Vento Montiller, and Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, vice minister of foreign relations, spoke with the more than 30 athletes gathered in the room. They spoke to them about many of the realities that are lived on the island today and said goodbye convinced that Cuban youth continues to be brave and committed.

Vidal Ferreiro updated the members of the delegation on the reality that they will find in Colombia. He told the boys about the history of that nation, the political system and its peculiarities in recent times; also of the role played by Cuba as a mediator in the peace process that is going on there. He confirmed how important their performances are for the people of the Island.

«You are heroes for the Cuban people. Wherever there is a Cuban in the world, he competes with you in each event, you are something very great and the people of Cuba are reflected in everything you do, "said the also member of the Central Committee of the PCC.

"This is a meeting that is here to stay, it is the context to express opinions and be consistent with the thoughts of the Senior Athlete, Fidel," said Vento Montiller, who spoke from the heart and as if he were addressing his children.

Aware of the responsibility they assume in each presentation, all those present at the meeting confessed. They recognized that their examples are worth double today, with an intensified offensive by those who try to destabilize the society in which they are formed.

The youth Olympic champion discoball, Melany Matheus, offered one of the best testimonies. He commented on the contrasts of his reality with those of friends from other countries and the facilities that a Cuban child receives to dedicate himself to sports at no cost to his family.

"We have to love our Revolution, go to Cali to show that we are Cubans and make it clear that we are prepared for any situation," said the one already announced as in charge of making public the delegation's commitment during its flag.

That ceremony will be next Saturday, November 13, in the Hall of Lost Steps of the National Capitol, and there the ballista Juan Carley Vázquez, monarch of the world among youth, will receive the national pavilion.

“We know that these are difficult times for the Revolution, but we are going to move forward, as we have done on other occasions. We are young, but we cannot forget history and above all we will always follow the legacy of our Commander-in-Chief, "said Yailín Paredes, who along with Omar Sabido will be the only Cubans in the Cali archery contest.

Sprinter Laura Moreira recounted her experience as a messenger during the worst months of the covid-19 pandemic. Proud to have been part of those moments, she confessed that in the Colombian city or anywhere else she will always defend her country.

This is how the testimonies of these essentials of today happened one after another, young people who recognize themselves as fighting as those who preceded them. Certain that no matter how complicated the situations become, they were educated with precepts that are not negotiated. (JIT)


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