Argentine president affirmed that he will continue to govern for all

Buenos Aires, Nov. 15 - Argentine President Alberto Fernández pointed out that they will continue to govern for all and will redouble their efforts to address priorities and solve real problems of daily life for the country's recovery.

In a television address after learning about the results of the legislative elections, in which the opposition Together for Change established itself in several provinces, the president meant that the second stage of his administration begins and ends a very hard one, marked by two crises.

One, he said, the economy inherited from the previous government and from which there are still enormous challenges, the other the health crisis (due to the Covid-19 pandemic). Today begins the second part of our government and I know well that Argentines need a horizon, we have the right to hope, he said.

Fernández stressed that they will continue to advance along the path taken, noting that a new stage is opening for the nation, a future whose construction has as its axes the economic recovery, the reduction of inflation and the creation of employment within the framework of a constructive dialogue.

On the other hand, he stressed the need to prioritize national agreements and if we want to solve the challenges, he said, we need the great majorities to generate consensus.

In this regard, he called for a responsible opposition, open to dialogue, patriotic, and urged a fruitful relationship between the Executive and Congress for the general interest of the country.

"It is time to solve the problem derived from the debt with the International Monetary Fund, taken over by the government that preceded me, that is the biggest obstacle we face to continue on the path of economic recovery and the construction of a country with more equity,” he said at another time.

To those who say that the problem with the IMF can be solved in five minutes, I say that negotiating is not obeying. With adjustment, it is not possible to even order the public accounts, to reach a sustainable agreement with the IMF, we must clear the uncertainties that lead to unsustainable debts and do so while preserving the conditions that allow us to continue on the path of recovery, he said.

Fernández announced that in the first week of December he will send to Congress a bill that specifies the multi-year economic program for sustainable development, whose program will contemplate the best understandings that the government has reached with the IMF in the negotiations, without renouncing the principles of economic growth and social inclusion.

We have made mistakes, my obligation is to learn from them, he said near the end of his speech, in which he reaffirmed that in this new stage he will honor the electoral commitment assumed in December 2019. I deeply believe in Argentina, pessimism is contagious but for luck, hope is also lucky, he concluded. (PL) 


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