Provincial Dance Festival will spread art and joy in Camagüey

Camagüey, Nov 16.- A varied cultural program characterizes the daily life of Camagüey in these days to integrate into the new normality and among the proposals is the 40th edition of the Provincial Dance Festival, to be held on November 18 and 19.

On this occasion, the event is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Sangre Gitana dance group and the 20th anniversary of the Camagua Youth Folkloric Company.

From the Internet social networks, promotional spots and audiovisual capsules of prominent art instructors of that manifestation will be shared, as explained by Alexander de la Torre Gómez, director of the Provincial Center of Houses of Culture in Camagüey (CPCC), an institution that organizes the event each anus.

In the Joaquín de Agüero and Cristo squares, artistic units of the main municipality will be presented as part of community activities, while the Luis Casas Romero Vocational School of Art will hold the closing and awarding of the event.

On the Facebook profiles of the CPCC and the Provincial Directorate of Culture, activities will be monitored so that the public can enjoy them.

These days there are many activities that fill Camagüey with joy and art after the rest imposed by COVID-19 and, without a doubt, the Dance Party is one of them. (Text: Mónika de los Ángeles Escobedo Artola) (Photo: taken from the Eslabón Producciones Facebook profile)


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