Havana, Nov 16 - The Central Laboratory of the Cuban Sugar Industry will be inaugurated today at the Cuban Institute for Research on Sugar Cane Derivatives (ICIDCA) .

The opening of the facility, coinciding with the 502 anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana, is part of the ICIDCA's scientific infrastructure update program, informed Bárbara Rodríguez González, the institution's business director, located in the capital city of San Miguel del Padrón.

He indicated that it consists of laboratories for the quality of sugar and honeys (LEYCAL), that of alcohols and beverages (LABEB), that of physical-mechanical tests (LAFIM) and that of sugar research (LIA).

He said that at full capacity it will allow to support the development program of the sugar agroindustry, and to support the sector as a support to the quality of its main productions and in the promotion of new products.

He added that the occasion will be conducive to the opening of a plant with a view to the rise of alcohol chemistry, whose initial mission is the manufacture of alcohol gel, for sanitary hygienic use, with the gradual incorporation of new assortments of various uses such as medicines.

The opening ceremony of the latter and of the Central Laboratory of the Cuban Sugar Industry constitutes a recognition to the scientists of the sector, which includes the Sugar Cane Research Institute, located in the municipality of Boyeros.

The encouragement ceremony of its specialists had not been possible due to the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic COVID-19.

The Cuban Institute for Research on Sugar Cane Derivatives emerged on May 23, 1963 at the initiative of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, with the aim of providing scientific support to the development of technologies that would allow the comprehensive and diversified use of the sugar cane. (ACN)


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