By Jorge Enrique Fuentes Ruiz / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

If today Cuba is shedding the despicable COVID-19, it is thanks to the accurate biotechnological vision of the undefeated Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

And the aforementioned is summarized in the wise sentence of the historical leader of the Revolution when he asserted that "the future of our country must necessarily be a future of men of science."

Since Cuba was born as a free, dignified and sovereign country in 1959, one of the main areas in which it developed to advance towards progress was in the biotechnology field.

Fidel revolutionized the perspective of how to promote biotechnology, and in that sense, his projection of tempering it to the advances of the world stands out, by proposing an updated look and always in search of new discoveries, which envision solutions to social problems in the short term.

In the article Fidel y la Ciencia: A legacy that commits us, published on the Internet by the Department of Communication of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of the Republic of Cuba on November 19, 2019, the leadership of the leader is clearly reflected history of the Revolution with a view to the development of the island in this area.

An example of this is when the aforementioned letter states that “as of 1981, (…) Cuba began to manufacture interferons, which made it possible to place our country among the first in the world in this production; in 1986 a new technology was achieved, the vaccine against Meningococcal Meningitis, the only one effective in the world at that time ”.

And later, the text refers that in the face of the dire effects of the loss of ties with the USSR and the resurgence of the hostility of Yankee imperialism, “between 1991 and 1992, when Cuba was doomed to other emergencies of an economic and social nature , the West Havana Scientific Pole dedicated to biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry was created, under the direct leadership of Fidel ”.

It is then ratified that, although Cuba does not have important deposits of minerals and other well-valued natural products in the international market, human capital is exploited, the ingenuity of the gray matter of the architects of science who with their contributions contribute to economic development of the nation.

For this reason, the Commander-in-Chief gave us as a legacy, in his strategic vision, to promote improvement in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector, giving superior importance and hierarchy to the progress of cutting-edge technologies, research and obtaining novel medicines, vaccines and industrial goods, by founding the production base with more modern quality and control systems.

Camagüey is a reliable example of Fidel's work in the scientific field and this is corroborated by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of this province, founded by himself on July 25, 1989.

The recombinant bovine tick vaccine (GAVAC); Hebernem bionematicide and PORVAC vaccine, against classical swine fever, with a positive impact on the control of this disease, appear as relevant results in Agramontine biotechnology, which is currently venturing into other priority areas of health, agriculture and economy.

The preponderant role of Cuban biotechnology in the fight against COVID-19 cannot be overlooked. High efficacy vaccines such as Abdala, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus, the vaccine candidates Mambisa and Soberana 01, demonstrate their strengthened scientific potential; the manufacture of the antivirals Heberon Alfa R and HeberFeron, as well as the immunomodulator Jusvinza, used in critically ill patients to reduce the cytokine storm, the most terrible complication during the course of the new coronavirus.

Fidel will always be present in the work of Cuban scientists, and now that we recall him once again this November 25, when the fifth anniversary of his departure towards immortality will be commemorated, his teachings remain.

As previously demonstrated, Biotechnology owes much to its strategic vision. Our Island, in the face of enormous economic, political and social challenges, will bet on progress in this sector, and as a supreme goal, it will focus from this perspective on benefiting human and animal life on planet earth. (Photo: File)


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