Photographic November invites to walk among stones on a journey through time

Camagüey, Nov 24 - Photographic November is present in the final stretch of the current month, an event that has conquered the public's attention in previous editions, thanks to the variety of proposals and the interest of young people towards photography in recent years.

Despite the technical difficulties and the absence of materials for the printing of the snapshots, the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts in Camagüey has made every effort to bring lens lovers a varied and suggestive sample.

After some exhibitions in local galleries, the artist Leonardo Mejías Proenza arrives from the virtual stage with the photographic exhibition The stones and time, presented this November 23 on the Facebook profile of the Council of the Plastic Arts Camagüey.

Walking between arches, walls, columns and the grandiloquence of images that denote continuity and a successful composition through architectural elements, give the viewer a trip to the past seventeenth century thanks to the work with a high aesthetic and visual quality.

"From its walls, its structure and its decoration you can find referential features, both of specific historical moments and of a mixture of inheritances assumed over the years," Lisbel Soler Jiménez said in the words of the exhibition. (Claudia Artiles Díaz / Radio Camaguey)


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