The Hermanos Barcón production center in Pinar del Río retakes potato crops

Pinar del Río, Nov. 24 - As part of the cold campaign for various crops, the Hermanos Barcón production center, in the municipality of Pinar del Río , will resume the planting of potatoes in their fields, based on the experience in 2019.

Four men will take over the plantation of three hectares there, for which they received training even from professionals from the University of Matanzas, Sergio Travieso Sánchez, director of that productive structure, explained to the Cuban News Agency.

He explained that sowing is expected to begin between December 10 and 15, meanwhile "the land is already in motion and the necessary conditions exist to guarantee cultivation."

They have the seed and will use agroecological techniques for the first time, such as the use of organic matter and biological products.

He specified that an approximate yield of 20 tons per hectare is estimated and the determination and discipline of the producers will be decisive.

Located about 18 kilometers from the capital city, Hermanos Barcón started cropping potatos two years ago after a decade of absence, and at that time yields were affected by delays in the harvest due to the lack of machinery.

On this occasion, the activity will also require not neglecting health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 .

This productive pole has a notable weight in the effort to achieve municipal self-sufficiency, since it supplies weekly agricultural markets and small squares.

The municipalities of Consolación del Sur, Los Palacios, La Palma and San Luis will also host the sowing of food in this winter period, which is widely accepted by the population and rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. (ACN)


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