Five years ago we accompanied Fidel during his stay in Camagüey, in transit to immortality, today we continue in his company, to confront the threats of the United States government, in a futile effort to destroy the Cuban nation and its triumphant Revolution.  

A few days ago, Fidel was with us, with his guidance, in each of the dynamics developed in the Moncada 2021 Strategic Exercise, which with the participation of Raúl, along with Díaz-Canel, ratified concepts of the War doctrine of all the village.  

In addition to territorial dominance on National Defense Day, the undeniable participation of youth continuity was demonstrated, willing, and trained, to protect with arms in their hands if necessary, their socialist project. 

Fidel is present with ideas and renewed realities, in each of the attentions that the Cuban people receive in the face of the pandemic, reinforced by the materializations of his advanced projection for the development of biotechnology and the production of medicines without commercial interests and within the reach of everybody.  

Irrefutable are the benefits of Cuban anti-covid 19 vaccines, among the most effective in the world and unique in a Latin American country, which are also shared for their immunization with other peoples, included in spurious US condemnatory lists, such as Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela and some of the Arab countries.    

There, Fidel is present and his integrationist and solidary thought, embodied by the selfless work of our health personnel and other professionals from various spheres, who have provided services in different parts of the world, including developed countries such as Italy, where even names of places perpetuate solidarity in confronting the global SARS COV-DOS epidemic. 

What to say about the fidelista presence and its teachings to confront and continue our march when the current US administration maintains in all its harmful magnitude the more than 240 measures of the blockade implemented by its fundamentalist republican predecessor, violating all rights and condemned for international majority.

Fidel is among us, and we with Fidel, to distort the current hoaxes with which they seek to alter our citizen peace, and taking advantage of the shortcomings and obvious repercussions of the blockade, raise discontent and dissatisfaction among the younger generations in the face of real shortages caused in largely due to the economic and financial encirclement of our country.  

Faced with these attempts at popular desperation, let us apply Fidelista and Marti maxims of intelligence and tenacity, and let each one of us do our part as worthy Cubans in our respective responsibilities and spheres of work, and DO NOT give the slightest loophole to those who try to misrepresent the principles and destinies of the human programs of the Revolution.

Many are the examples that can be cited to make evident the permanent presence of Fidel in the daily life of today's Cubans, so in reality on this day we do NOT remember a deceased, on the contrary, we make clear the unbreakable decision of the vast majority of the Cuban people, to continue our unstoppable march for a better Cuba, accompanied and accompanying as always Fidel, more alive and current than ever.


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