By Dania Díaz Socarrás / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

A man walks in the middle of the year 2021, he seems almost alone and suddenly people surround him, they approach him without much preamble, without fear, but with the respect that certain men inspire, perhaps even with the one who inspires more than one, because sometimes adds value to who we are, how much we represent.

One more Cuban, a part-time woman who looks at him from afar, remembers her mother, she called herself the girlfriend of a hero who walked the streets. Think of the times you saw him walk like this, like anyone else and at the same time unique, because of the impression caused by his immense, always-guerrilla bearing. Somehow this one from today reminds you.

He looks at it and the afternoon in August comes to mind when that extra-size leader, named Fidel Castro, paralyzed a crowd full of concerns and protests, and they ended up applauding the daring of walking the Havana boardwalk with the same simplicity with which led the new project of an Island.

He looks back again and sees the crowded squares, the lively streets, the frank dialogue and the respect that enhanced him further by leaving the decisions of his area to each one, listening to them all, consulting the details of the complex guide of a country.

The woman, who now dispenses with a guerrilla boyfriend, sighs with nostalgia even for what she did not live, thinks about her adolescent daughter and a lot of words learned, in the context, in the sense of the historical moment that Fidel himself mentioned.

He returns to look at the eyes of the man who has already reached him in front of him and understands that he has had to see the light in the ax of a different battle, in another part of the unstoppable story.

In these times, a whole town has said I am Fidel, Fidel Vive, a whole town talks about him at any time. The difficult thing is to walk in his steps, is to fill his boots, is to earn the loving and protective respect of the women who felt in love, of the men who knew themselves brothers, of the children who saw him father, grandfather, hero.

However, that is what it is about, let no one doubt it. That was the essence of his success before. That is now, five years after his physical departure, the true way to honor him: to show, in each act, that we learned what he taught us.

Easy? NO, it never will be. The world will NOT be full of Fideles, neither will Cuba, as it has never been full of other greats; But as long as each one carries within, amid defects and incomplete intentions to be better, a little piece of him, it will be real that Fidel lives.

Let's look, let's take a good look at that man who walks and suddenly people surround him, who is now led by the Communist Party - as a whole, the best heir to the historic leader - and is President of a country that is NOT just any country, that does NOT make a profit, but challenges, that does NOT grow gold, but men. 

Let's take a good look at that worthy student from other times who comes to the neighborhood and talks with noble arms on top, among neighbors, who sits in the park with the boys who listen to Tony Ávila, without missing the red in their outfits, because of love overflowed that day and because of the heart, he has asked us all to dress every day.

True, it is NOT the only one, from time to time there are others out there, even without television cameras in front of us, that's why they escape us.

However, there could be many more, at the end of the day we were 11 million repeating Yo Soy Fidel over and over again. But as Martí said that we all carry a little bit, "each one to his trade", because at least in every piece of life, of the country, we have to touch the soul as the Commander in Chief did, with that green olive tree to which neither the blood nor the heart were ever lacking, directly down from the Sierra.

It is fortunate that today we also have a man who walks the streets, while the people take care of him, luck that many others do their thing and luck above all, that if the turbulent times we have recently lived have left us something good, it is the assurance that when the call is made, that force of the people responds that could be summoned much more often.

Thanks to that very Cuban and well-cultivated luck, we are still accompanied by the authentic ability to unite, the same that filled the roads around this time of 2016, the one that occupied the stands so many times, the one that deserves to continue being the essence of what is called Revolution.

Thus, with the perseverance that he also bequeathed to us, with the true apprenticeship attitude of a man who did NOT get tired of walking the streets, the phrases that are to accompany us will be filled, will remain more solid, NOT on days like this, but on all: Fidel Vive, yes, Fidel is among us.


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