Tribute to historical leader Fidel Castro toured Cuba and the world

Havana, Nov 26 - The tribute to the historical leader Fidel Castro, in the first five years of his death, filled squares, workplaces and schools, and culminated in the inauguration of a center that bears his name in Cuba.

Dedicated to the analysis and dissemination of his thought, the creation of the site is exceptional, in response to the decision of the Commander-in-Chief - as he is also recognized - not to erect monuments, busts and statues in his name, nor to name squares with him, parks, avenues, institutions and public places.

A faithful follower of the thoughts of the National Hero of Cuba, the writer and journalist José Martí (1853-1895), Fidel Castro understood "all the glory of the world fits in a cornseed."

This did not prevent the people of the Cuban nation and friends from all continents from remembering a life entirely dedicated to just causes and leading by example, to travel to the future and return to tell about it, as the former Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika said.

The young Cubans held a solemn evening the night before the anniversary of their physical departure, on the steps of the University of Havana, where the historical leader affirmed that he became a Marxist and a revolutionary.

From various countries around the world, members of the international solidarity movement developed documentary screenings, book presentations, among other initiatives, and raised their voices against the economic, commercial and financial blockade and the communication campaign of the United States against Cuba.

Portugal, Germany, Finland, Greece, the Philippines, Lebanon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, the United States, Vietnam, Hungary, France, Greece and Slovakia ... these are just some of the countries where the name of Fidel Castro was heard this Thursday and also in previous days.

Present in Cuba, the XXXI Caravan of Shepherds for Peace, the group of Italian friends that carried out the Soberana Plus-Turin clinical trial here, activists from the Portugal-Cuba Friendship Association and the Canadian brigade “Ernesto Che Guevara”, also evoked the teachings of the statesman and revolutionary.

In his account of the social network Twitter, the president of the Caribbean island, Miguel Díaz-Canel, recalled the world leader, of whom he said that his ideas will always be present, since they are the ones that made it possible to “raise the bastion of dignity and justice that our country represents”.

Up to the Santa Ifigenia cemetery where his remains rest, in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, Cubans of several generations arrived together with authorities from the province; Meanwhile, in the capital's Vedado, young people and personalities such as Reverend Raúl Suárez took a walk with red scarves, a replica of the Granma yacht, songs and banners.

Once again, Cuba was not alone, as it was not alone five years ago, when presidents, personalities and friends of the island arrived here, to pay tribute and accompany its inhabitants, to say goodbye to Fidel Castro, in his transit to eternity. (PL)


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