Camagüey, Nov 26 - For the first time in Camagüey, the Luis Casas Romero Vocational School of Arts culminates a four-year cycle of Mid-Level studies in the specialty of Dance.

Twelve young people are the protagonists who these days carry out the culmination exercises, both practical and theoretical and with this they put an end to the pre-professional process from the companies Ballet Folklórico and Ballet Contemporáneo de Camagüey.

María Julia González Sariol, deputy director of Artistic Education in the province, assured that this first Middle Level graduation in the specialty of Dance is a pride, a commitment and a challenge for the coming years, especially for the recruitment process.

"We are satisfied with the faculty, and it is also necessary to acknowledge the company Ballet Folklórico y Ballet Contemporáneo de Camagüey for their work and demands, imbricating students in a highly rigorous creation process that facilitates their future training as professionals”, assured the directive.

With the morphological analysis, the theatrical dance and the dramaturgical ending of the works Carlota, Oddí-Oshe, San la Muerte y los Muertos, as well as Spiritual Cordoneros, the theoretical exercise of the students began that will culminate this Friday at the headquarters of the Contemporary Ballet from Camagüey.

"The first thing that the work in the company directed by the teacher Reinaldo Echemendía gave me was discipline, and training in all aspects of the world of art, classical, contemporary dance, theater and folklore, just to name a few", confessed the student Ronaldo Cooper Pedro.

Scheduled to take place in the month of December within the actions of the Olorum Festival, the graduation ceremony of the Fourth-year Middle Level Dancers-Teachers of the EVA in the specialty of Dance will remain as a reminder of the sacrifice and perseverance that art implies. (Claudia Artiles Díaz / Radio Camaguey)


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