Díaz-Canel presides tribute to the martyrs of November 27

Havana, Nov. 27 - Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, led a massive popular demonstration in this capital to pay tribute to the martyrs of November 27 and in support of the Revolution and Socialism.

The traces of the participants in the evening for the fifth anniversary of the physical departure of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro are still fresh, the steps of the University of Havana are once again filled with young people, and there are no age limits in the convocation of student and youth movements and organizations to this appointment with Cuba and its history, love and life.

From the University Hill, after a brief act, the San Lázaro protesters will depart down towards the esplanade of La Punta, where on a day like today, but in 1871, eight medical students were shot, victims of hatred, impotence and the fear of Spanish colonialism, which then ruled the island's destinies.

Guards of honor follow each other early on at the monument erected right in the place where 150 years ago that monstrous crime was carried out, which took the lives of Carlos Verdugo, Alonso Álvarez, Carlos de la Torre, Ángel Laborde, Anacleto Bermúdez, José de Marcos Medina, Pascual Rodríguez and Eladio González.

In dialogue with the ACN, Eduardo Rodón Martínez, member of the National Secretariat of the University Student Federation, confirmed that also this Saturday and in Havana, the youth will pay tribute to the eight medical students in the mausoleum where their remains rest , in the Christopher Columbus necropolis.

Patriotic marches and other actions have been called for today in the rest of the country, as part of the great tribute to those who inaugurated the pantheon of university martyrs and a long history of sacrifice and struggles of generations of young people for the definitive idependence of Cuba. (ACN)


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