The US and the West foment crisis with Russia

Washington, Nov. 30 - The United States and NATO allies foment a confrontation with Russia, the digital site antiwar.com denounced today. An analysis by Ted Galen Carpenter, an expert in defense studies and foreign policy at the Cato Institute, in his approach to the issue pointed out that "a key actor in this effort is the government of Ukraine" that highlights alleged suspicious movements of Russian troops near the border between the two countries.

Kiev's propaganda offensive escalated dramatically on November 20 when Brigadier General Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine's director of defense intelligence, claimed in an interview with the Military Times that Moscow already had plans to launch an invasion in late January. 2022, the expert said.

For his part, Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky soon made Budanov's prediction seem light and accused Moscow of seeking to seize large swaths of that country's territory and even launch a coup that would topple his government.

It would be bad enough if such crisis-generating efforts were simply a one-sided campaign by a government determined to stir up nationalist emotions to rekindle its weakened fortunes, antiwar.com stressed.

But, as it did in April, the Joe Biden administration appears willing to give full credit and support to its Ukrainian client's stance vis-à-vis Russia, Carpenter noted.

In an April 2 phone call to Zelensky, Biden "affirmed the unwavering support of the United States for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the face of the current (alleged) Russian aggression in the Donbass and Crimea," he added.

Many experts wonder whether the White House measured the consequences of claims by Under Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Karen Donfried, who said on November 26 that "all options are on the table" as to how to respond to the question. "Large and unusual" accumulation of Russian troops near the border of Ukraine.

The Cato expert assured that fueling revanchism in Ukraine increases "the probability of a catastrophic confrontation."

However, he said, the establishment media in the United States are busy turning the crisis around as the latest proof that Russian President Vladimir Putin, "surrounded by hardliners," is the one looking for a shock. with the United States and NATO.

In this regard, he specified, the antecedents indicate otherwise. The Biden government and its NATO allies appear to be doing their best to carry out highly provocative actions in the immediate vicinity of Russia.

The Pentagon is waging a multifaceted campaign of provocations, especially in and around the Black Sea. Washington's air and naval presence in the area increased markedly in the last year, including a new deployment in November, in the face of energetic and increasingly forceful protests from Moscow.

According to Carpenter, American arrogance is producing a crisis with Moscow on multiple fronts, and the Putin government seems less and less willing to continue to back down. A potentially catastrophic military confrontation is still avoidable, he warned. (PL)


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