Havana, Nov 30 - A new literary jewel has as of today the collection of serials of the National Library of Cuba, after the official presentation of the first volume of the anthological issue of the magazine of that cultural entity.

According to the director of the institution, Omar Valiño, the launch becomes a “true privilege” since the material is part of the centennial publication, which constitutes a relic “due to the quality of its anthological content”.

According to the editor-in-chief of the volume, Araceli García Carranza, the text selection process was a bit difficult and complex due to the tremendous and fruitful quality of the articles published.

García Carranza praised the high level of the columnists of the special issue that includes 50 articles and the same number of authors, who represent the most genuine of our 20th century letters.

On this issue, the director of the magazine, Rafael Acosta de Arriba, stressed the importance of each of the works, the value of the content and the prestige of the personalities who have historically collaborated.

Considered one of the three oldest publications still published in the country, the book consists of two volumes that collect the most representative, published in 112 years of the magazine's existence (1909-2021) and in 167 issues. (PL)


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