Cuba and Norway are acknowledged for supporting Peace in Colombia

Bogota, Dec 1 - The House of Representatives of the Colombian Congress today recognized the international community, in particular Cuba and Norway, for supporting the Peace Agreement on its fifth anniversary.

In a ceremony held in the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán room, legislators Marcos León Calarcá, vice president of the Chamber, Juanita Gobertus and Luis Alberto Albán, and also senators Sandra Ramírez and Carlos Lozada, recognized the contributions of these two nations to the achievement of the Agreement , one of the most relevant events in the country and Latin America in recent history.

They expressed their gratitude to Ambassadors José Luis Ponce, from Cuba, and John Petter Opdahl, from Norway, who were accompanied by part of their diplomatic corps.

Both Ponce and Petter Opdahl ratified the words of the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre, respectively, who last week at the official ceremony for the five years of the Agreement expressed their support for the peace process in Colombia.

“Experts say that peace accords sometimes do not last that long. This has lasted thanks to the perseverance and the decision of the Communes Party to comply with what was agreed, "said Ponce.

Also, thanks to the international community, including the United Nations Security Council, which has supported the implementation and continuation of this Peace Agreement as a jewel, something to show the rest of the world, the countries in conflict, emphasized.

For his part, the Norwegian ambassador congratulated the Colombian people for the five years of the historic pact, which he described as ambitious, but very important.

Both diplomats expressed their concern over the murder of ex-combatants from the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP), during this five-year period.

Since the signing of the Agreement in 2016, some 326 ex-guerrillas and 1,26 social leaders have been assassinated, according to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.

Negotiations and dialogues between the FARC-EP and the government of Juan Manuel Santos, on behalf of the State, to seek a solution to the armed conflict in Colombia, took place in Havana, with Norway and Cuba as guarantor countries.

After almost five years of talks, discussions and debates, the Peace Agreement was signed in Cartagena on September 26 of that year, but it had to be endorsed in a plebiscite in which citizens had to vote Yes or No.

El No was imposed after a campaign by reactionary sectors, which forced the Government to renegotiate it and both parties agreed on a new text, which included the opinions of the citizens who voted for No.

It was finally ratified by the Senate and the House of Representatives, and signed on November 24. (PL)


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