Cuban vaccine designed for new variant of SARS-Cov-2

Havana, Dec 1.- Given the outbreak of Omicron, considered of concern by the World Health Organization, scientists from the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) design a variant of the Soberana Plus vaccine with genetic information of the new strain of the SARS virus -Cov-2, cause of COVID-19.    

According to Vicente Vérez, director general of the center, the institution's creators of immunogens are studying their characteristics and behaviors of transmissibility and the possibility of immune escape with respect to Delta, confirmed for the first time in India and responsible for the last pandemic peak experienced in the Caribbean country.

In the tv program Mesa Redonda, the Doctor of Sciences considered being vaccinated as the best protection against the new coronavirus, hence Cuba intensifies the anti-COVID-19 immunization campaign and shows coverage and rates comparable to those of First World nations.

He highlighted the possession of their own immunogens, which allow the immunization of the adult and pediatric population, recovered from the disease and the application of booster doses, initially to health workers, BioCubaFarma and other risk sectors, and it will continue until it covers all Cubans.

Of the reinforcement, he explained that it was conceived from the existing immunity in previously vaccinated people, with the intention of reactivating the immunological memory.

He commented that this principle guided the first clinical study of the world of a drug for convalescents: Soberana Plus as a reinforcement of natural immunity, acquired after suffering from COVID-19. 

The IFV booster dose strategy points to the use of Soberanas Plus and 01, while clinical studies - about to be concluded in the province of Cienfuegos - determined that it stimulates the immune response more strongly in people deficient in it, he said. the expert.

In this sense, it meant the administration of the first drug in four hospitals in the capital and in the rest Soberana 01, with the intention of evaluating the quality of the antibodies generated by both products.

Although the largest of the Antilles resumed the school year with most of the children and adolescents protected from the new coronavirus, there is still to be vaccinated those recovered from that population segment, an event that will occur from one moment to another, after the approval of the authority regulating the emergency use of Soberana Plus in that group, said Vérez.

He also highlighted the quality of Cuban vaccines, demonstrated by their ability to be combined with each other and with others approved in the world such as Sinopharm, Sputnik and Pfizer.

He also pointed out the use of Sovereigns in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Iran, a nation in which, in a cooperative manner, they have already produced 10 million doses.

Vicente Vérez insisted on the need to maintain biosecurity measures to maintain control of the pandemic and assured the people that scientists will continue their work in the search for efficient and effective treatments for health.

Finally, he congratulated all IFV workers that on December 3 they will celebrate another anniversary of the institution with new victories and challenges, but there will always be the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled in this particularly complex period of confrontation with COVID-19. (ACN)


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