Camagüey, Nov. 3 - As a young Cuban and aware of the historical moment, Amarilis Pilliner Blanco, a first-degree specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine, a year ago changed her family's company for what she considers her mission.

Since March 2020, she understood the leading role of health professionals in this relentless fight against COVID-19 and was one of the first professionals to work at the Octavio de la Concepción y de la Pedraja Military Hospital.

“Receiving the medal for the work achievement in the context of the activities to pay tribute to the health worker is a very great commitment for me, but it is also the result of a lot of effort and dedication in order to save lives, and for me that's the most important thing”.

Meanwhile, the young Abel Dicet Borges, resident doctor of intensive care at the Amalia Simoni Hospital, three years after graduating, confesses that being in the red zone has been one of his greatest fears and challenges, but undoubtedly an important task that he fulfilled thanks to teamwork, responsibility, as well as the sensitivity he perceived in doctors and patients.

"It is the pride of being the heroes of these times where we relive very sad moments but others full of joy when a patient came out of a coma or left for medical discharge, this recognition is really very exciting."

These young people recognize that the family is essential, as well as teamwork, hence talking with these doctors is like receiving a class of modesty and altruism, even in their ideas they consider the collective good over the individual good.

For her part, Dr. María del Carmen Romero Sánchez, second-degree specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine and professor in the health department at the University of Medical Sciences of Camagüey Carlos J. Finlay, received the Jesús Menéndez medal for her contribution to the formation of the new generations. 

"I will always be where the Revolution needs me, but I recognize that this recognition is a stimulus at my 61 years of age, since I began as the founder of the family doctor and nurse in Camagüey in 1984, where there were only eight of us."

"I worked in clinic number one of the Ignacio Agramonte polyclinic for ten years and I consider it to be the basic program to work on the prevention and control of diseases, provided that we fulfill our mission from consecration and altruistic spirit."

Romero Sánchez completed a mission in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with pleasant experiences and meetings with professionals who had been his students, whom he helped mitigate the homesickness of the families. 

"It was 38 months in Venezuela as national director of teaching of the mission, in which I visited all the states and had the opportunity to have contacts with all health professionals."

“We carry out joint work with the Hugo Chávez Frías University of Health Science in the training of comprehensive community doctors in Venezuela, which now number 28,000 graduates.

Experience and youth, a binomial that is based on Latin American medicine, which in times of pandemic is light, beacon and guide from altruism and solidarity. (Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero / Radio Cadena Agramonte) 


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