​​​​​​​The United Kingdom demands an end to US interference in Latin America

London, Dec 4 - The Latin America 2021 Conference organized by British trade unions and solidarity organizations began here today with a call to the United States to put an end to its destabilizing attempts in that region.

The sanctions against Nicaragua and Venezuela and the illegal and inhuman blockade against Cuba must stop immediately, said Adrian Weir, director of the Unite union, at the opening of the event at the Casa de la Amistad, in central London.

Academic Kate Hudson, secretary general of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, denounced that Washington's efforts to stop and overthrow progressive government projects in Latin America have never stopped, and recalled the 2009 coup in Honduras and another similar happened in Bolivia 10 years later.

He pointed out that this hostile policy intensified in recent months with the imposition of new sanctions against Nicaragua, the refusal to recognize the electoral results in Venezuela and the attempts to undermine the socialist regime in Cuba.

Labor MP John McDonnell lashed out at the conservative UK government for refusing to condemn the Jair Bolsonaro regime in Brazil and keeping quiet about the murders of trade union leaders and leftist militants in Colombia.

It is time for us to denounce the role of the British government, said the politician, who pointed out that London never spoke out against the coup against Bolivian President Evo Morales or against the sanctions imposed by Washington on Venezuela.

Weir, Hudson and McDonnell, as well as the general secretary of the Spanish Communist Party, Enrique Santiago, and the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Guillaume Long, who intervened by videoconference, expressed satisfaction with the recent defeats suffered by the coup regimes in Bolivia and Honduras.

They also shared the hope of an electoral victory for progressive and leftist forces in Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

There is no better place to look for inspiration for our struggle than Latin America, Hudson said.

Around a hundred British, European and Latin American experts, academics, trade unionists and politicians participate in the conference on Latin America. (Text and photo: PL) 


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