The Cuban people tolls bells of joy on this new Latin American Medicine Day, which every third of December punctually remembers the birth in 1833 of the distinguished Cuban epidemiologist and researcher Carlos Juan Finlay, discoverer of the transmitting agent of yellow fever, the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

And if those bells ring out today, perhaps it is because just three months ago the nation was still plunged into the depths and heat of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the strenuous efforts of authorities, doctors and scientists and a world of collaborators. Undoubtedly, a tense and harsh reality that brought immense pain to Cuban families.

However, no work had been in vain since the beginning of the epidemic, in an intense, dedicated and creative way, and in defiance of the increased obstacles of the blockade and the consequent economic recession in the country.

Many "miracles" could then crystallize, one of them the generalization or increase in the immunization of the population with the national vaccines Soberana 2, Abdala and Soberana plus, created one hundred percent by Cuban science.

There is not much left to know, now, about the notorious positive changes in the confrontation with the virus. The people are living them at the foot of the construction site, with joy and hope, while continuing to comply with the surveillance and containment scheme of the pandemic conceived by the health workers. Hard work and sacrifices brought those results.

In these days of recovery, a redoubled effort in vulnerable neighborhoods, the opening of tourism, the restart of the school year and the execution of new economic plans, the immense contribution of Cuban medicine and science is focused on something considered the first reason for pride, security and the confidence of the Cubans in their relentless struggle for life.

And it would seem that the presence of the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro also resurfaces with a cosmic force, as the promoter and creator of the projects of education of the people and development of the sciences in a developing territory, always surrounded and attacked by the most powerful empire in the world.

Without the enormous vision and capacity to dream of Fidel, today the giant step of the massive immunization of the Cuban population and the visible reduction of the incidence of the cruel disease would not have been possible.

In times of major imperial aggressions, literally outrageous, the immodest recruitment of mercenaries, without the greatest modesty many times, and the dissemination of opinion matrices of irrational falsehood, science and Cubans all believe in what they are living and feel and analyze according to its principles, with a strong formation of historical and ideological roots.

Dr. Carlos Juan or Juan Carlos Finlay Barrés, according to biographers, is a true icon without blemish of national science, of Latin America and the planet, with a more exalted image when he himself had to confront and finally triumph the attempt to hide the results of his exceptional investigation into a malicious US plot.

He saw the light in Camagüey and died in Havana on August 19, 1915, with an outstanding career at the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

Among his contributions, in addition to the finding of the yellow fever vector, he has made a relevant contribution to the treatment of childhood tetanus and in the field of ophthalmology.

Fidel, Dr. Finlay and the Heroic Guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara will be remembered, along with the tribute to prominent and avant-garde doctors and workers in the health sector, although it could be said that on this occasion they are all, since they all feel they have starred in an epic.

Epic or crusade for life that did not neglect the work of primary care and the tasks of the family doctor's offices, in polyclinics and hospitals, coupled with the occasional opening of isolation care centers and new medical service rooms to give the better coverage of the enormous demands of the pandemic.

The call to maintain control and sanitary protocols will prevail for a long time and the population is even invited to incorporate the measures into their daily lives, without causing uneasiness. In the midst of a very favorable environment, Cuba continues to march towards new achievements. Happy Latin American Medicine Day! (Photos: ACN) 


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