New finding of fossil tooth of marine vertebrate in the province of Cienfuegos

new paleontological finding, corresponding to a fossilized tooth of a Mosasaur, took place recently in the town of Potrerillo, in the municipality of Cruces in the province of Cienfuegos.

Alberto F. Arano Ruiz, a member of the Cuban Geology Society in Cienfuegos territory, declared exclusively to the Cuban News Agency that they are currently carrying out studies of the dental specimen by a multidisciplinary team made up of paleontologists and geologists, as well as its introduction in a database is planned, which will provide more elements to characterize the piece.

This tooth in question measures 1.3 centimeters, has a good state of preservation and is considered the second of its kind found in Cuba so far.

Previously, in 2015, a Mosasaur tooth was found in the municipality of Rodas, very similar to the one now reported in Potrerillo.

Mosasaurs were gigantic marine reptiles that reached about 19 meters in length and were distributed in the seas around the world during the Cretaceous, about 60 million years ago.

Arano Ruiz, who is also a diligent researcher and specialist at the Museo de Cruces, highlighted the work of Servilio Jesús Quintero Vázquez, who is inclined towards paleontological research and has been a fervent explorer of the Potrerillo area.

He highlighted the paleodiversity of this paleontological site where Servilio has also collected 11 shark teeth, gastropods, echinoderms and other species of Cretaceous marine invertebrates, of interest to Science.

The findings make these important Geosites take into account, due to the scientific interest they arouse and that could be incorporated as an important potential for local development in the municipality of Cruces. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the Internet) 


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