Completion of vaccination against COVID-19 prioritized in Camagüey

Camagüey, Oct 26 - Completing vaccination in Camagüey and intensifying the isolation of confirmed cases were topics widely debated this Monday in the COVID-19 Task Force.

Caribbean solidarity with Cuba in the face of COVID-19 is well appreciated

Havana, Oct 26 - The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) thanked the Caribbean Movement of Solidarity with the largest of the Antilles for the initiatives to support COVID-19.

Links between president of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso and tax havens are denunced

Quito, Oct 26 - The bench of the progressive movement Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) denounced alleged new links between the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, with companies in tax havens.

Congress of Thought delved into the original peoples of Cuba

Holguín, Oct 26 - The Ibero-American Congress of Thought delved into the roots of the current Cuban family, based on studies on the original peoples of the Island and their presence in our days.

Local Kevin Brown secures second win for Cuba in World Boxing Champ

Belgrade, Oct 25 - The middleweight Kevin Brown secured Cuba's second win at the XXI World Championship of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) today without throwing a single blow. Cuba makes its debut with a ...

Lifeless places on Earth could facilitate the search of life on Mars

It is believed that, even in the most extreme environments on our planet, microorganisms seem to coexist and thrive everywhere, from the depths of the oceans to the top of Mount Everest. However, in recent ...

Joy in local classrooms

5,800 students from the terminal degrees of pre-university, polytechnic and pedagogical education are back in 42 schools in Camagüey.

Insights on community social work

By Graziella Pogolotti / Taken from Juventud Rebelde.

Recently appointed rector of the University of Havana, José M. Miyar Barruecos visited the then-called School of Letters and Art. Very soon, students and professors ...

Favorable changes in the vegetation of the National Botanical Garden

Havana, Oct 26 - The Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment ( CITMA ) pointed out that after a comparative study with satellite images of the National Botanical Garden (JBN), ...

Camagüey will start sugar harvest in December at Céspedes sugar factory

Camagüey, Oct 25 - The province of Camagüey plans to start the sugar harvest next December at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes sugar factory, located in the municipality of the same name.