University of Camagüey holds important results in its scientific work

Camagüey, Dec 4 - With 14 lines of research, eight innovation programs and more than 100 permanent projects, covering all branches of knowledge, the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz exhibits important results in its ...

Cuba gets support from Belgium

Havana, Dec 4 - Cubans residing in Belgium today expressed their solidarity support for the island during the 11th meeting held by Cubans residing in that country.

​​​​​​​The United Kingdom demands an end to US interference in Latin America

London, Dec 4 - The Latin America 2021 Conference organized by British trade unions and solidarity organizations began here today with a call to the United States to put an end to its destabilizing attempts ...

History is already read in Camagüey 

Camagüey, Dec 4 - With a marked role of strategic alliances, the event Leer la Historia reaches its second edition, convened by the local branch of the Union of Historians of Cuba (UNHIC), and under ...

Díaz-Canel highlights achievements of Cuban young athletes in Colombia

La Habana, Dec 4 - President Miguel Diaz-Canel today congratulated the outstanding participation of athletes from Cuba in the Pan American Games in Cali-Valle Juveniles 2021, taking place in Colombia. 

New finding of fossil tooth of marine vertebrate in the province of Cienfuegos

A new paleontological finding, corresponding to a fossilized tooth of a Mosasaur, took place recently in the town of Potrerillo, in the municipality of Cruces in the province of Cienfuegos.

Camagüey for Health: overflow of mixed emotions

Life stories, anecdotes, projections and challenges stand out among the experiences shared during the interactive online event "Camagüey for Health", held at the Santa Cecilia Convention Center in greeting to the Latin American Medicine Day.

Fidel and Finlay on the Latin American Medicine Day

The Cuban people tolls bells of joy on this new Latin American Medicine Day, which every third of December punctually remembers the birth in 1833 of the distinguished Cuban epidemiologist and researcher Carlos Juan Finlay, ...

Cuban youths in China pay tribute to the work of Cuban scientists

Beijing, Dec 4 – Cuban children and adolescents paid tribute today from China scientists on the island and especially honored for their work in record time obtain own vaccines that protect COVID-19.

Agricultural Development Bank supports important productions in central Cuba

Camaguey, Dec 3 - As part of the new measures taken in Cuba since September, the Agricultural Development Bank is contributing to boost rice and other productions in the province of Camagüey, by granting credits ...