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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Friday, August 10, 2012

France and Britain Launch Joint Naval Exercises near Syria

Havana, Cuba, Aug 10.- France and Britain will carry out naval exercises over the next few days near Syrian coasts, the British Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

Warships from the two countries, which could be joined by US naval units, will leave their harbors towards the eastern Mediterranean Sea following the end of the London Olympics for the war games known as Cougar 12, PL news agency reported.

Under the pretext that the exercises had already been planned, the British military pretend to disconnect the naval action from current efforts by Washington and its allies to overthrow the government led by Bashar Al-Assad.

However, the exercise includes a joint landing “on the shores of a potential enemy,” which will take place on the coasts of the Italian island of Cerdeña, in Albany and in Turkey.

The naval group will later sail towards Cyprus, where they will simulate the attack on the coast of an alleged enemy, only 150 kilometers from Syrian territory.

Among the units participating in the exercise is the British Bulwark amphibious assault ship, the Defender destroyer, a helicopter carrier, a submarine and 400 marines. France will contribute its Charles Degaulle aircraft carrier and other support ships.

British Royal Navy spokespersons admitted that the USS John C Stennis nuclear aircraft carrier could join the games in what they called the “conflict zone.”

The naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea are said to have been planned with no relation to the Syrian conflict, according to the press service of the British Defense Ministry. (ACN)