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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Thursday, October 4, 2012

Syrian Forces on High Alert in Border with Turkey

Damascus, Oct 4.- Syrian forces are on high alert in the border with Turkey to respond any attack from that country, informed a military source. Syria's air, land and sea forces are on total alert to respond to any Turkish aggression, affirmed a spokesperson that preferred to remain anonymous.

The source noted that Turkey violates on a daily basis Syria's sovereignty offering its territory for Jihadists and Al-Qaeda members, who promote a violence atmosphere in Syria.

For some hours now, the environment at the border fueled after a shell, allegedly launched during a clash between rebel groups and the Syrian Arab Army (EAS), exploded in Turkish Ak Akale town.

Ankara sources underlined that the Turkish government ordered the Army to execute actions against areas near the Syrian border of Idleb, 320 kilometers north the capital, although noise shells were used in the demonstration, according to the source. The action Ankara attributes to Syrian forces occurred in a zone, with a strong presence of rebel groups based in and backed by Turkey, warn analysts, who do not rule out that the incident be used to cause an armed confrontation between the two countries.

On Wednesday, Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Arinc practically issued a war declaration when he threatened that the event demanded a response according to the international law. (Prensa Latina).